“for the same reason as traveling, travel”.
Who has not found himself living the words of Fabrizio De Andrè, in its wonderful khorakhanè before living for a trip looking for peace and distraction from stress of everyday life? the carefreeness is a must, but attention: travel is one of the main way of entrance of alien species. the ground that still wedges in the sole of your boots, for example, contains on average 14 thousand of mushrooms cells, one million of bacteria and two or three plants seeds. if you bring fresh fruit you are transferring from one country to another a huge amount of mites, larvae of insects and bacteria. all this unconsciously, but there are many cases of travellers that transport voluntarily alien species: the little chameleon bought at the indian village market, the couple of stick insects to give to your entomologist friend, the asian bulbs or bonsai to plant in your garden, these are all cases of voluntarily transport and introduction of alien species. so, before you travel, reflect on your role as a voluntary or accidental carrier, be informed and travel responsibly.

10 rules for the aware traveller


Be aware about the risks posed by the introduction of invasive alien species


Be informed about the regulation on plant and animal movements from one country to another


Be informed about invasive alien species already present in the country you’re going to visit, and about their main risks


Make sure you’re not accidentally carrying invasive alien species with you:

  • carefully check your shoes and clothes before travelling
  • thoroughly clean your outdoor equipment when you have finished your activity (for example angling, hiking, cycling, diving), especially if you visit nature reserves, protected areas or other vulnerable sites

Be sure that your luggage does not contain animals, especially insects, which could have been accidentally trapped inside; if you do find any animals in your luggage, immediately inform the competent authorities


When returning to your country, do not take any animals, plants, seeds, wood or rocks that you may have collected during your trip


Be sure that plants, seeds or bulbs that you bought during your trip, are not invasive alien species


Do not release into the environment any plants or animals that you bought or accidentally transported with you


Inform other travellers about the risks IAS pose, and the measures you should adopt when travelling to prevent introducing them to new places


Travel with awareness and go home only with emotions and memories